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I am Farida Yesmin (my artist name is Kajoli Ilojak), and I am a Bangladeshi, socially engaged artist currently based in Folkestone, Kent. I make work across performance, video, photography and drawing.

I am in the process of overcoming personal trauma whilst I am settling in the UK. My ever-evolving artistic practice has been described as groundbreaking in the way I  explore themes of gender and feminism, body politics and cross-cultural  identity.

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Paintings are powerful expressions of human creativity and emotion, capturing moments, ideas, and stories on canvas or other mediums. They encompass a wide range of styles, from the realism of Renaissance masterpieces like Leonardo da Vinci's "Mona Lisa" to the abstract forms of artists like Jackson Pollock. Paintings have the ability to evoke profound emotions, provoke thought, and provide a visual language that transcends words.

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